June 27, 2012

Hi-Precision Monocular

In the market, one of the top specialized products to date is a monocular vision equipment. This equipment will help people see from a distance with precise clearness and ease. Mostly, they are used for sports, game, hunting and for fun. They may not be military grade but each of these products will serve their own purpose.

Mono stands for single or singular, its opposite is Bi, which means two, or double. So the difference between a Binocular and a Monocular is their number of lenses. For others, they call Monoculars as half-pair binoculars. Its construction and design is for 2 dimensional perspective of distant objects. Before, in the early days, military men and seafarers were the most common users of the telescope, but nowadays everyone can use them. They also are very good gift items as they have good value overall and a good sense of thoughtfulness attached to them.

Recommended Monocular for the day is Chinon Monocle – 7.5X Hi-Precision Monocular at $199 available through their online store or any other channels that sells their brands. Why I recommend this? It has state of the art design for eye relief and optical performance that is normally found in binoculars only. It will always exceed expectations from the design to its built and going into its functionality. The glass used is multi coated, and it will surely be an eye to your target and will make you not lose sight of it at all. Claiming to have 60m up to the infinite range for viewing. As long as your eyes can muster and take in the viewing target, it will be ultra clear. It is also very compact, very light weight and comes in three colors. Color Gray, black and navy blue. It also has a solid casing and a rubbery feel to its body to prevent dust and dirt. The perfect companion for outdoor activities and yes even the indoors can’t be spared by its greatness and ease to use. With a roof prism structure this monocular is of a high grade quality and will be very easy to use.

There are just 2 warnings while using Monoculars, and it involves some common sense to it. First is don’t ever use the monocular to stare directly into the sun. Even if its an eclipse, because this can cause you blindness. They have specialized telescopes for that. Next is don’t ever try to use the monocular while driving, on a bike, walking or running. These uses of the monocular are careless and will cause an accident since you will not be oriented well enough on your location and distance to objects. It is best to use the monocular while in a stationary position. That way the Chinon Monocle – 7.5X Hi precision Monocular will be serving you well for its purpose and price.

Monoculars are much preferred by golfers, hunters, hikers, mountaineers and bird watchers because of its compact and easy to bring and stow size. If you have little to no room in your baggage or luggage, then pack a monocular now. Aside from the benefits and price and ease of use, it’s the practical thing to do.