January 13, 2014

Unique IPhone Speaker Dock

There are a lot of different iPhone speaker docks on the market today – so much so that our mind can boggle with all the different products and options available. In addition the big problem is that most of the options available to us are just poor quality and not built to last.

Why not look at something different? Why not look at something that has amazing craftsmanship and aesthetics? Why not look at something that uses very little power and is literally a piece of artwork? Why not look at the Chinon Legato Hand Crafted Passive Speaker Dock.

Specifically build for the iPhone this speaker doc is carefully built by hand to produce a truly amazing sound. Made from seasoned Ash hardwood the wood is lovingly crafted to naturally amplify the music from your iPhone – up to an incredible 6 decibels.

This speaker dock is a true marvel and will be a “talking piece” in any household. In this throwaway world we need to look for innovation and quality that will last, something that you will never throw away but treasure forever. We need to look for products that are made with care and not massed produced and we need to look for a product that does not have a built-in obsolescence. We need to make wise choices with our money and our purchases. The Legato Speaker Dock is a shining example of a product that is of exceptional quality and design – a very wise choice.

Functional Artwork such as this is unique and may well become an appreciating asset. With a highly refined resonance chamber sound is conveyed in a warm, rich wave that is perfect for relaxing listening. Whilst playing your favourite music the dock also charges your phone’s battery.

The Legato Passive Speaker Dock is only available online through the Chinon Shop and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.