is committed to protecting your privacy. We pledge to keep all of your personal information confidential. It will never be shared without your written consent. We will not sell, trade, rent or disclose any information that identifies you to a third party.

Our privacy policy is easy to understand and is clearly displayed during the checkout process thus enabling the customer to review it prior to providing any personally identifiable information.

Information Practices and Security: has adopted information practices that treat customers’ personal information with care. We have posted and adhere to a privacy policy based on fair information principles, respect customers’ preferences regarding unsolicited email and take appropriate measures to provide adequate security.

Our privacy policy is open, transparent and meets generally accepted fair information principles including: (1) Providing notice as to what personal information we collect, use, and disclose; (2) What choices customers have with regard to our collection, use and, disclosure of that information; (3) What access customers have to the information; (3) What security measures we take to protect the information, and (4) What enforcement and redress mechanisms are in place to remedy any violations of the policy.

We respect our customer’s preferences regarding unsolicited e-mail. If we do accidentally send e-mail that is not solicited, we provide an easy means to allow our customers to remove their name from our e-mail database in order to prevent future unsolicited e-mails. We maintain this “Do Not Contact” policy in order to respect our customer’s wishes. This policy will be available both on our website and in any emails, other than those relating to a particular order.