Headphones and Digital-to-Analog Converter Bundle

If you store music on a laptop or mobile device, the CH-DA260U Digital to Analog Converter and CH-PH244 Headphones bundle will go a long way to bringing the songs closer to how your favorite artists originally intended them to be heard. This high-quality, audiophile-grade combo is now on sale for only $179.99 --  just in time for holiday shopping. Together, they instantly upgrade your listening experience no matter what music you enjoy.


The CH-DA260U DAC features an USB audio input with amplified headphone output, along with coaxial and optical digital outputs. It will connect to any source that support USB audio. Significant improvements can immediately be heard in resolution, realism and depth from an audio source, whether you are listening to a high quality lossless FLAC file or just jamming to streaming music from iTunes and Spotify. Its amplifier steps up the punch of the CH-PH244 headphones, delivering much more power than most sound system found inside laptops or tablets. In addition, the CH-DA260U can be used as a link between your smartphone, tablet or laptop and a home hi-fi or home theater system. The compact aluminum casing minimizes interference, plus is durable and perfect for desktop.


Sleek and lightweight, Chinon's CH-PH244 on-ear headphones are studio-grade performers that bring out the details and subtleties of all your favorite music and movies. The design is exceptionally ergonomic to let the user comfortably wear them for hours of continuous listening. Fold flat design makes it compact and easy to carry around. It also comes with a high quality microphone cable for use as hand free for your smartphone and tablet. Equipped with dynamic elements for extended frequency response, the CH-PH244 headphones offer great sound that travels light.