CHINON Digital Harinezumi 4 Digital Camera

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Shaped like a roll of 110 film, the retro looking Digital Harinezumi 4 is a camera built for artists. Equip with 10 creative effects  and multiple exposure mode enabling creative photography on the spot. Shooting movie with the Harinezumi 4 in 3 different frame rates to create anything from super 8 style retro videos to 1 frame per second slow motion masterpieces. The camera can take movie with sound or without giving more control on the style of the movie.

This Japanese Hedgehog (Harinezumi in English!) is the 4th incarnation of its original version. Famous artists and musicians from all over the world have been produced amazing art from this understated little digital wonder. Artists such as Harmony Korine, Charlotte Gainsbourgh, Miranda July, Spike Jonze, Nick Waplington, Michael Stipe, Bruce LaBruce and Jens Leckman all have worked with earlier versions of the Digital Harinezumi.

This camera has already been used by Harmony Korine in his film 'Spring Breakers', and it was chosen to shoot the opening scene of Terrence Malick's last film 'To The Wonder'.

Sensor: 3MP CMOS
Lens: f=4mm / F3.0 (38mm in 35mm format equivalent)
Image Size: 2048x1536, 1024x768
Movie Size: 640x480
ISO: 100 & 800
Exposure: Auto
Focal Distance: Normal: 1m to infinity ,  Macro: approx 3cm
White Balance: Auto
Self-Timer: 10sec
Image File Format: JPEG
Move File Format: AVI
Frame Rates: 30FPS, 8FPS, 1FPS
Memory: Micro SD Card (up to 2GB), Micro SDHC card (up to 16GB)
Camera Size: 90mm x 60mm x 35mm (L x D x H)
Weight: 60g
Battery: Built-in Rechargable